How much does it cost to get Iso 9001 Certification?

Cost of certification varies a lot from consultant, employee and certification body used. What are your options?
Firstly you need to get an Iso 9001 system developed and implemented. This can be done by:

  • Sending internal staff for training which could cost you between R 15 000 � R 40 000, depending on the courses attended. They also need to gain experience after the training is completed, so this could be a timely process. Trained staff could leave your organisation or would be a constant cost every month.
  • Contracting the services of a professional consultant to provide this service, which could cost you between R 30 000 � R70 000. The upside is that they would have the knowledge and experience to start getting you certification ready right away. Mostly the consultant works with and trains a person already employed by the company or someone from management, so no extra salary costs are applicable. Factors used to determine consulting cost would be Company size, amount of staff, complexity, distance travelled, hourly rate etc. Most consultants charge a monthly rate, the amount named above is thus divided into a per month cost. Consultancy cost ends when certification is achieved.

Quality AssuranceSecondly you would have to make use of a certification body�s services. Cost and payment options differ from the certification body used, certification cost is between R 45 000 � R 100 000 for a three year certificate. In year 4 you will have to go for re-certification and the cost would roughly be the same as the first thee year rate. This means that to maintain your certificate would be a constant cost. Factors influencing the certification cost are the amount of branches, amount of staff, location of business and/or branches, audit days required etc.

What is ISO 9001 Quality Management System?

Summary: Depending on the combination used as explained above, total development, implementation and certification cost would amount to between R 70 000 � R 150 000.

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