Quality Management System Compliance

Iso 9001:2015 Compliance (Quality Management System Compliance)

This service should not be confused with Iso 9001:2015 certification. With Iso compliance you only comply with the Iso 9001:2015 standard but you do not receive a certificate, as such a certificate does not exist.(You are either certified or not) . However, when we develop your compliant QMS system we provide you with a letter stating that the system you have received complies with the Iso 9001:2015 standard. Quality Management System ComplianceYou do need to implement the system to make it compliant in your organization. This letter can be furnished to clients or submitted with tenders.

Why would you go for this option?

Depending on client requirements, some of your clients will give you the option of either having a compliant or a certified system. This should be determined by client tenders or by simply asking your client what their specific requirements are regarding QMS. The main difference between compliance and certification is time frames and costs. Compliances costs only 10-15% in comparison to a certified system and takes 80% less time to complete. Should your client only require a compliant Quality Management System, you will save you lots of time and money, but will still have the option to go for certification if it becomes necessary. Most of the ground work will be done and you have then had exposure to the system which makes the road to certification much easier. The only "down side" to a compliant system is that you do not get a certificate, for more info on this service click on our "meet with us" tab to leave your details or contact us today.


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