Development of an ISO 9000 complaint system

Quality AssuranceA lot of organisations, especially the smaller ones, are overwhelmed at the enormity of the project that is ISO 9000 certification. They are told that it is extremely complicated and formidable. However, if you and all your staff put your mind to it, you too can become ISO 9000 certified. The process can be completed in a simple, suitable, and effective manner.

Important Aspects to consider during the Development of a Quality Management System

  • Before simply accepting the interpretations and opinions of other people regarding ISO 9000, read the standard first yourself;
  • The standard should be accepted for what it is;
  • The person most qualified to talk about the standard should be determined. Note that that person is not the Director or Quality Assurance Manager of the standard. The help of an expert should be enlisted;
  • A Management Representative needs to be assigned by Upper Executive Management; and
  • It should be considered whether the organisation has the necessary resources to put the system in place. Not only will it take time to implement, but it will also involve people’s time. If you feel you do not have enough resources at your disposal, temporary/external resources can be an alternative. However, there is a risk present. These resources do not know your culture; thus, chances are they may develop something completely irrelevant for your business. Their ideas may thus be impressive, but you may not like any of it. You also have to ensure that these resources are qualified in some or other way.
What is ISO 9001 Quality Management System?

The following should be taken into account before hiring temporary/external services:

  • Whether the external services have developed any previous certified systems;
  • If it is indeed the case, you should have a look at them;
  • Whether the external services have received training as Lead Auditors through a course that is RAB certified;
  • Whether the certificate from the course can be verified;
  • Whether the external services have ever maintained a documented system developed by them; and
  • Whether the external services can write in such a manner that is easily understandable to other people.

Using Teams to Facilitate the Development of a Quality Management System

A great way to develop an ISO 9000 quality system is by means of using teams. Each team should include:

  • Internal experts considering the topic;
  • An ISO 9000 expert; and
  • A writer/scribe documenting the events.

During the development of the ISO 9000 system, the above team delivers the system to those who must then implement the system. Although it takes longer to do, a lot of buy-in is created. Continuity for the entire system is provided by the ISO 9000 expert. This ensures that redundancies do not occur.

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