Document Control of the Utmost Importance for all Organisations

Quality AssuranceDocument Control is an absolute must for any serious organisation that aims to improve processes and reduce error. Documents are being shuffled from one desk to the next on a continuous basis. It seems that these documents are then stored away in deep dark files that are not to be reviewed ever again. Fortunately, auditors will not tolerate that kind of disarray, hence the great importance that is document control. However, there is also a negative aspect to document control. The cost for most companies is just too much. Some employees should also take time out to ensure that all policies and procedures related to document control have been reviewed and approved in a proper manner.

An efficient document control system also ensures that all employees have read the relevant policies and procedures for their particular department and job title. The quality control system should ensure that employees are reminded until they read their policies and procedures. An efficient document control system will also facilitate the job of the Document Control Administrator when overseeing the statistics of the organisation’s policy management system.

What is ISO 9001 Quality Management System?

The role of Policies in a Document Control System

Policies are systematically developed, evidence based statements by an organisation of its intent in relation to achieve statutory and organisational responsibilities. It is thus statements of the principles and aims underpinning practice in any or all settings, i.e. it is why the document is being written. Policies should inform staff of the justification for setting specific outcomes and the course to achieve such outcomes.

The role of Procedures in a Document Control System

Procedures are series of related steps designed to accomplish specific tasks in a specified chronological order. Procedures will accomplish the goals and directives of related policies. Procedures should be written in step-by-step detail. This way only minimal interpretation is required.

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